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whole30 just started & looking for friend!


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Hi, I'm Abbie!


I'm looking for someone interested in having a buddy to check in and be a mutual support daily during the whole 30. I'm on day 3 (my start date was 3/4) but if you're a little ahead of me or about to start that works, too!!! 


I'd also love to connect with anyone going through any of the same issues I am going through as described below- regardless of where they are at in their journey! 


A little about me:

- I'm a 27 years old female

- I'm doing the whole 30 because I have some chronic health issues: depression/anxiety, recurring infections, and fatigue.

- After years of conventional treatments, my doctor did some genetic testing and...SURPRISE! I have a genetic mutation associated with depression that causes your body to be unable to convert folic acid into folate and apparent you you really need folate for neurotransmitters to work properly- so the gene might be why I haven't found relief with conventional approaches.

- After this diagnosis, I started working with an integrative medicine doctor who suggested I try cutting out gluten, sugar, dairy, and all forms of synthetic folic acid (which is, by the way, in everything!) 


I decided to give the whole 30 a try because I want to take control back over my health. For me this does include losing weight but my main goal is not how I look- it's my mental and physical health- both of which have been out of control and need to be addressed! 


Looking forward to connecting. 




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Hi Abbie! I haven't started a W30 yet, and still don't quite have a good start date down but I have just finished reading "It Starts With Food" and am in the middle of "Whole30". I'm in the process of getting together some ideas for quick and easy meal ideas and prepping strategies so I can set myself up for great success.

So even though I cant lend any day to day support in how I feel because I'm not committing to the program quite yet, I can help brainstorm meal ideas and prepping tips :) good luck to you!

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Hi Abbie!

I'm very similar to you, I am 24 and also diagnosed with MTHFR, I have done a couple of whole30's along with whole7's,10's...I am recovering from a surgery I had a couple of weeks ago which led to some poooooor food choices! more or less whole30 lifestyle...if you need a friend or just some advice feel free to reach out to me!!


Enjoy the tiger blood!


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