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Whole30 for Energy, Mood, and Concentration

Dodo Bird

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Sup yinz?  I've been lurking around here for a while now, so figured I'd make an account.


I heard about the Whole30 from my parents, who both had great results with it in regards to weight loss and generally feeling better.  They pitched it to me as a means to fix my skinnyfat physique.  After I looked into it, I concluded that a better reason to try it out is to test how/if diet affects my energy levels, mood, and ADHD symptoms (which I find to be more pressing issues than being a bit skinnyfat).  Of course, improving body composition is a very welcome side effect.  I think Whole30 provides an excellent framework for seeing how foods affect your mental state/mood.


So I bought the book and jumped in, figuring my cooking skills and already-pretty-healthy eating would make it a breeze...  Yeah no.   The following GIF describes the outcome of my initial Whole30 attempt last week:




I'll be posting in the troubleshooting section in short order.  Meanwhile, I've been in a quasi-Whole30 holding pattern in terms of diet (basically Whole30 + non-cheese dairy) and that's actually been working out surprisingly well.


So, is anyone else doing/looking to do Whole30 for ADHD symptoms and/or mood and energy?

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