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My Second Whole30!

Benjamin Shine

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I started my second Whole30 yesterday. My main health complaint is persistent fatigue and brain fog. My body composition complaint is persistent abdominal obesity -- even though all my other markers of health are getting better.

I've been mostly paleo for about two years now. My big struggle is dairy, and I haven't been able to put it down *except* for during my first Whole30.

My other big struggle is sleep: I spend a lot of time doing it, but don't feel rested. I wake up 2 or 3 times a night to pee. On days that I drink less caffeine, that doesn't happen as much, but I'm super-fatigued without tons of caffeine.

I crossfit 2-4 times a week. I'm 37, m, 5'2", 178, of the fire hydrant variety. (Deadlift 305, bench 185, squat 285, clean 135, 5 strict pull-ups in a row.) Waist is stuck at 37" (size 34 waist in Levi's) and hasn't moved in 6 months.

This time will be a good bit easier than last time, because my employer (Twitter) has moved into a huge new office with an amazing restaurant-quality kitchen. The amazing chefs cater to all different sorts of food allergies & preferences, and they focus on high-quality, local, organic food. All of our beef is grass-fed, for one (amazing) thing, and there's always a powerful salad bar with lightly-steamed broccoli, shredded carrots, cucumbers, arugula... plus there's berries almost every day in summer. We get breakfast every day, which always has hard-boiled cage free eggs and some sort of fresh fruit -- when I'm ambitious I do scrambled pastured eggs at home.

Two things I've changed recently:

1) My thyroid medication went from being 137 mcg synthroid to 112 mcg synthroid (T4) and 5 mcg cytomel (T3), and I'm taking it in the morning, instead of bedtime.

2) I take supplemental testosterone (I'm f2m) and for years I've been applying the gel at bedtime. I finally checked the prescribing information, and it says "apply every morning." So I'm trying that now -- it's more in line with the natural rhythm of testosterone production in men with built-in testosterone.

I'm also waiting for the results of an adrenal stress index test.

Thanks for listening... I'm excited to see how this goes.

Job for today: throw out the hot fudge and gluten-free chocolate chip cookie dough in the fridge.


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Benji you motivated me with your post! I am on my 2nd #W30 (W48)! I have made a couple of promises to myself to try new food combos/ new recipes and work on my stomach! To fulfill those promises... I purchased Nom Nom Paleo cookbook for iPad and purchased the Crossfit beginner class for 4 weeks and then 2 weeks of Crossfit.

Off topic:
Can you suggest some #footwear for Crossfit?

Wow...love the new restaurant at work thing... I would love for someone to open a #W30 cafe!

I know you will succeed. Just make sure to post and tweet (@connistock) it so we all can celebrate it.

Good Luck

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Off topic: Can you suggest some #footwear for Crossfit?

Yay! Your post was a week ago so you've probably found some shoes by now, but the classic (at the moment) CrossFit shoe is the innov-8 bare xf 210.


A lot of people are also wearing the Reebok Nano...

The important thing is to *not* have a much cushioning or an elevated heel.

How are you liking CrossFit so far?

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