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Started March 7 - today is day 2


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I have begun my adventure into the World of Whole30 yesterday.  So far so good.  

I am very lucky to have my husband supporting me by doing this with me.  So I have support at home, check. 

I have a coworker, who is also going to make healthy choices doing the Whole30.  So I have support at work, check.

My daughter, in Denver, CO, has decided to remove "sugar or sugar made items" from her diet for 30 days, so I have support long distance.

I found this forum to assist me as I post my journey into this healthy lifestyle.

Support I have, thank you!

Now could someone tell me how I can enjoy that morning cup of joe without half and half?  I have tried coconut cream and coconut milk - not the same.  I have tried it black-not bad.  I think I am missing the light color that half and half was giving the coffee.  I enjoy the routine of having coffee and checking email and facebook before work.  Any suggestions?

Now, let's get on with Day 2! :rolleyes:

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Green tea?  I never found anything that made coffee palatable although some people say that if you whip up the coffee and coconut cream it is okay.  I ended up not drinking coffee but the green tea was pretty good although I had to eat pretty soon after I drank it so my stomach didn't hurt. I did add a little fruit juice to make it better.  I suppose you could try that with coffee although it doesn't sound very good.  There are lots of other ideas on the forum.  Do a search for them.

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Starting Day 3 - Thanks for the comments about no cream in coffee - not much help,  but thanks anyways.


I must say I am glad I signed up for the daily emails.  I am feeling sluggish this morning for sure.  And the picture for day 3 is me!

Still want the half and half, but I am drinking it black.  


Husband is missing his sandwiches - the bread part.  So today I gave him leftovers instead of salad.  He has never been a salad person in the 30 plus years we have been together.


Ok - time to get ready for work.  I can do this!  It will make me so much healthier at the end of the 30 days, that is only 27 to go!



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After 1 week of black coffee - I do not mind drinking it black.  In fact, I stopped by my local coffee place and I am trying a few other favorites to see if my taste buds know the difference between them.  I can tell the difference between BackYard Beans and Haymaker.  So in closing, my taste buds know the difference.  A positive outcome from week 1!

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Well, made it to Day 25 of the Whole 36 - added 6 days due to boiling sap into maple syrup on day 6 and tasting the results of the boiling!

I have been sleeping better, have more energy and have found that I do really enjoy cooking!  I am not sure if it is the planning, shopping, or preparing that I like best.  Maybe it is the idea that I am eating great food prepared by me!  I also enjoy the fact I am giving my husband great and healthy meals.  We have been together 32 years and still loving the fact that we like each other after all this time!

Yesterday, I tried a new recipe for supper - chili without beans and I do hope it taste ok.  I was very surprised, it tasted great!  Had it with a side of cole slaw.  Again a surprise of cole slaw without creamy dressing can taste great!  

Here's to finishing the Whole30 strong.

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