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Fruit is totally fine.  Our recommendation is not more than 1-2 pieces per day (fist sized) and always with a main meal after you have already had protein, veggies and fat.


Fruit used to settle sugar cravings is not recommended nor is fruit on its own at any time since that simply jacks your blood sugar and can lead to plummets later on as well as increased cravings, late day hunger, false hunger etc.


Here's a good article.  http://whole30.com/2015/06/dear-melissa-fruit/

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Fruit is not sugar.  Fruit is a whole food with nutrients, fiber and yes, it has fructose which is a naturally occurring sugar.


Fruit is recommended to be limited on the Whole30 to 1-2 servings a day (a serving being the size of your closed fist) and only eaten with a meal, not on its own or as a quasi dessert.


Many people ditch fruit for the 30 days because they find that it increases their resistance to breaking up with their sugar dragon.

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^^^ I find I am satisfied with my 1-2 servings of fruit a day. I do have dried dates here and there.




I never had much of a sugar dragon.  


For my boyfriend, keeping fruits around is hard because he tends to treat them like a food without brakes.  So we are adjusting our next grocery trip and I'm keeping my dates out of his view.


I would suggest thinking about your relationship to sweet foods and if you are going to have fruits as part of a real meal or a sweet treat.  Make a conscious decision about how you will eat them!

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