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Organic Prairie meats


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Considered to be a premium supplier of organic products, I was wondering if there is any reason this line would not be considered Whole30 compliant. I noticed they are not listed with the other affiliates.




Attached some photos, not sure why they look so small here tho.






13-65000 IQF Chicken Breast Product Sheet FINAL.pdf


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Products can be compliant without being from a partner, it always comes down to the ingredients.


We have some stellar organic products locally, but quite a few have tiny amounts of added sugar, so they're not Whole30 compliant, but great for a Post-Whole30.

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I just took a peek at some of this vendor's products.  I clicked on three at random (sausages and bratwurst): all three are not compliant because they contain sugar in the ingredients.

Organic doesn't equal Whole30 compliant - you need to read every product's ingredient label to determine whether it meets the Whole30 rules.

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