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Urination A LOT...... I MEAN A LOT


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Let me preface this with a very painful story. I started my first Whole30 in January after losing my my second son, Uriel, at 3 days old to SIDS. Me, my husband and our son Walker all joined the Whole30 community on January 2nd and successfully completed our first whole30 on February 1st then went paleo. We are about to start our second whole30 on April 1st, but I've noticed that I can't stop peeing a flood every 30 minutes. Is this common? I drink lemon water or iced herbal tea during the day and lemon/lime sparkling water or OCCASIONALLY wine at night. Is it just because I just recently had a child with issues or is it the lifestyle? Please reassure me that I'm not screwing up.

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Let me also add that the first whole30 saved MY LIFE after losing a child And truly helped my husband. I was able to stop all the stupid "coping" meds and be clear headed enough to deal with the loss of my newborn but the damage was already done. I don't remember the wake or the funeral but they say it will come back now that I'm "clean". Also I was able to quit all the heart meds that I only needed because I was pregnant. Please if anyone has had an experience close to this, help me. I don't want to get discouraged. I want THE BEST for my family and for our future children. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Collice, I'm so sorry for the loss of your son Uriel.

And whilst I'm thrilled to hear that Whole30 helped you pull through and drop all the coping meds I'm sorry to hear that now you are having some issues.

An increase in urination isn't unusual when eating in this way because many of the veg that we eat have diuretic properties, plus we are drinking so much more water.

That said what you are describing sounds a little excessive, especially considering that you have not just started eating this way so I would expect your body to have adjusted somewhat.

No-one here is medically trained so I would maybe speak with your GP just to check it out, especially if there is any pain - it could just be a little urinary tract or kidney infection.

Let us know how you get on.

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Thank you. I spoke to my doctor today and he said not to fret, that it was simply because I am drinking so much more water than I was previous to paleo and whole30. And he also stated that some of this may be due to me being only about 6 months postpartum. Thank you for your help and quick response. My husband and I are super excited to get started on our next whole30. Hope to talk to y'all again soon!

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I am so very sorry for your loss.  I cannot even imagine what you have been through and I am amazed that you were able to take on a Whole30 during this difficult time!


In regards to your urination 'problem,' I am very similar.  I honestly go probably every hour during the day at work and sometimes wake up 1-2 times at night to go as well.  I drink a lot of water (I'm still nursing so I make sure to really really keep my water up, I drink about 100+ ounces a day) and consume maybe 1 sparkling water a day - not every day.  I do notice that the sparkling water makes me feel like I have to go more... not sure if that's a psychological thing or not.


Also, you mentioned the tea.  I'm wondering if that has caffeine?  That's a diuretic so could be contributing as well!

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I am so incredibly sorry for your loss! I don't know how to even begin to say anything.

Maybe though what I can do is tell you that I had the same exact pee issue and think I might be able to help. (It was to the point where I got up SO MANY times in the middle of the night to pee. Not easy when you've got a loft bed)

Granted this is my first W30 and we are only on day 3. I was super thirsty all the time and my lips were super dry. I posted on the forum and a moderator mentioned that I might not be taking in enough salt to hold down my water. I tried it yesterday and had one time I needed to go in the middle of the night. (I also switched from using pink Himalayan salt to sea salt. Don't know if that helped too because of the different mineral compositions. I did it just because I ran out of pink)

I don't know if it would work for you but I hope this helps!!

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I have been thinking about it and I started drinking lemon water to take off excess fluid from my extremeties after having my son. It worked like a charm and all the fluid came right off, however I liked lemon water so much that I just kept drinking it. I mentioned it to my dr yesterday and he said that I probably should cut back on the lemon water and my salt intake. Yesterday was the first day since October that I felt like I didn't have to pee every 30 seconds haha! Anyway, my dr was so pleased that I was able to quit all of my meds (blood pressure, lasix, and meds for coping with loss) that he asked me for info on whole30 and paleo so he can look into it. I beamed with delight and chortled of everything I know and gave him websites and book names and whatnot.

I also want to state that y'all don't even know me and y'all are as supportive as my husband (the tall man) and my two year old (the tiny tyrant)! And way more supportive than the other people around me! It makes my heart sing to have found a network of such supportive and caring people. Thank god I found the whole30 and the whole9 network and paleo and such an incredible support system. I wouldn't have survived without it. Y'all are amazing! Thank y'all again! We can't wait till April first to start our next whole30, I think this time we may start a log! Haha!

Have a wonderful and joyful day! I know we will!

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