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Can Whole30 be treated as a learning curve?

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Or if you don't follow the rules for every single meal, does the whole experience not count?

I'm on day 3 and really struggling to eat appropriate meals. I'm trying my best but keep missing the mark.

To be clear, I am NOT eating anything expressly forbidden, or not within the spirit of the program. I mean my meals are short on protein or fats, and I guess therefore calories.

So, if it takes me 10 or 12 or 17 days to perfect the balance, at day 30 can I safely say I've done a whole30 or will it only be a whole20/18/13?

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Hey Janet

Provided you are not eating any off plan foods you can say that you have completed a Whole 30.

That said by following the recommendations such as the timing of meal one, meal timings in general, the no snack rule etc you will get the absolute optimum results. You might find that the tiger blood doesn't happen otherwise, or you might not just not be feeling the magic until the very end, at which point you could always choose to extend...

How is it that you are struggling with the meals? Do you feel like it's too much food? Or is it how to compose a meal in general? Would you like us to take a look at what you've eaten over the past few days to give you some pointers? 

You might find >this article< helpful  :) 


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Thanks that article was really helpful. I'm definitely keeping within the rules, and until this morning within the spirit (but I "really fancied an orange" with breakfast and in hindsight what I wanted was the sugar and it was the best I could do!)

Yes I'm struggling with the quantities. I'm a snacker and it's hard to want to eat the huge plate of food in front of me.

I'm also not getting the amounts of protein and fat right as per the template. I've got a thread in the whole30 log topic and another poster has kindly read it and pointed out I'm under eating (by a lot more than I thought)

Would you mind if I posted my meals? The frustrating this is I don't realise I've got it wrong until I'm hungry an hour later!



Parma ham, apple, lettuce, cucumber 2 tablespoons vinaigrette

This wasn't anywhere near enough as I had to have a handful of cashews and a banana after. I've already been told Parma ham doesn't count as protein :-(

Meal 2

2 soft boiled eggs, spinach and leeks, half an avocado

Meal 3 roast chicken, potatoes, parsnips and cabbage

Day 2

Meal 1

Leftover roast chicken (with skin) potatoes and Brussel sprouts

I think the potatoes helped with this one

Meal 2

Parma ham, apple, lettuce, cucumber, olives, 2 tablespoons vinaigrette

Meal 3

Whole roasted aubergine with tuna and tomato sauce

I know the protein wasn't enough here, another poster advised a portion is an entire tin and I had no where near that.

Day 3


Bacon, sautéed new potatoes, an orange

Whole30 is way harder than it sounds!

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It's hard to get your head around it, especially if you've come from a calorie counting background. The goal is not starvation, completely the opposite! I think maybe you wanted an orange because you were hungry.


Your Day 1 Meal 1 would probably have been okay with a real protein serve. I find lunch meats (even if compliant) just aren't satisfying the way some steak or chicken is. I find when I'm craving nuts I'm usually not getting enough protein or fat. Is there much fat in your vinaigrette?


Day 1 Meal 2 Eggs as a protein serve are as many as you can hold in your hand, for most people (even with tiny hands), this is 3-4 eggs. Good fat serve with this one :)


Dat 1 Meal 3 If the portions are alright, this one looks pretty good :) I'd add a fat serve to this one though, roast chicken is just awesome with mayo.


Day 2 Meal 1 - I'd add a fat serve like mayo.

Day 2 Meal 2 - Needs real protein and a fat serve, but added olives are good!

Day 2 Meal 3 - It depends how big your tin is, but yes, you want a full size serve of protein to go with your yummy veggies. This one could maybe use a fat serve too, can't see one. The template is really good for this, I try and visualize whether something is big enough (palm size of protein), I sometimes eat a little more fish than I do other proteins, not a lot more, just a bit more.


Day 3 Meal 1 - Bacon like Parma ham is a condiment rather than a protein serve.


For veggies it's hard to tell if you're getting enough as there's no portions, try to stick to the high end of the template if you're still feeling snacky, 3 cups of veggies per meal.


You're close to the template, just not all the way there yet, keep at it, it really gets easier as you get the hang of it. If you feel the urge to snack, try eating something that's protein/veggie/fat rather than nuts and fruit, really helps :)

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