Penzeys is a life saver.


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I just started Whole30 and as I was doing research and getting my spices at Penzeys I noticed they carried Soup Bases. I know it's better to make your own, but sometimes when you're in a  pinch, those might work. It's very concentrated so for an 8oz cup, it just takes a little. 


Here's the link


Has anyone else seen these, they seem to be new to Penzeys. 



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You cannot use these on a Whole30, they all contain sugar and other offplan ingredients.


You might want to take a quick run through the rules (linked below) again and make sure that you know what to look for on food labels.

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I love Penzey's, but these soup bases are a no-go.  Check out the ingredient lists:


I actually got screwed by the Penzey's taco seasoning the other night - used it over the McCormick's stuff because I knew the McCormick's had forbidden ingredients in it, but I had transferred the Penzey's seasoning to a jar and no longer had the ingredients list on the original bag, then looked it up online later and.... welp.


All the basic herbs and spices are amazing, but be careful about the seasoning blends.  Some are compliant (like garam masala and chili powder), some are not (like the taco seasoning and those soup bases).


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