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I just started Whole30 and when I did my shopping (on a budget) I went to Aldi and found more than half of what I needed on my list, they have a great source of produce and olives, vinegars, etc. 


So if you have an Aldi store near you, (I'm in Birmingham, Alabama) I urge you if you're on a budget to go check them out. 

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I found their grass fed ground beef for like $1 or $2 (can't remember now) a pound when I happened to be there on the sell-by date on the package. Never found any deals quite that good again, but their produce can definitely be good, and I found jars of compliant artichoke hearts cheap too (I like to make something like this artichoke chicken occasionally, so I got a little excited to find them at least $1 a jar cheaper than the grocery store has them). 

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I always buy my meats from Lidl and Aldi, as they really have great quality. (Living in Germany, they are also seen as cheaper alternative to pricier supermarkets, but the quality is great nevertheless.)

I basically stock up on regular things there and only go to other supermarkets for more special items (like avocado oil, etc).

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