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Charting Cycle - delayed ovulation


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I chart my cycles and use that as birth control. I take my temperature every morning and observe cervical fluid to determine my fertility and my husband and I use condoms during my fertile period – from the time I start seeing cervical fluid (usually around day 10-11) until 3 days after I observe my morning temp shift up half a degree (usually around day 15-17) that is the signal that I have ovulated. My cycles are generally 29-30 days long.


It’s now day 21 of my cycle and I have not had a temp shift yet. I started Whole30 on day 13 of my cycle and at that time I was observing fertile quality cervical fluid, but none since. My husband’s asking me when we can ditch the condoms this cycle, and I usually have an answer for him based on my fluids and temperature shift, but this time I don’t … and it’s super frustrating because I’m pretty much at the “kill all of the things” stage so I just want to tell him, “just be glad you’re having sex”.


I’ve seen a lot of posts about delayed menstruation, and I know that delayed menstruation really actually means delayed ovulation. So I’m gathering that this is a common issue with the change in diet. I am sleeping well, following the meal template and my macronutrients are pretty balanced, I work out in the morning 5 times a week per usual with a pre and post WO meal. The only stress I feel is that the meal prep is a little overwhelming. My BM’s have been looser than normal (I’m usually on the constipated side). Will maybe upping my starch with potatoes help me to finally ovulate? Should I just wait it out? 

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You can try tweaking your meals a bit to ensure you're getting enough macroutrients, but you may need to wait it out. When your body senses a change in diet, it's going to hold off on ovulation until it senses all is well. In caveman days, a change in diet often meant something bad, so as part of survival of the species, it would delay ovulation until the body sensed all is well.

I temp and track my symptoms as well, so I feel your pain. If it helps, I typically don't start Whole 30s until the day or two after I ovulate. By the time my cycle starts over, my body has had time to figure things out and my next ovulation is usually right on track. Doesn't help you now, but something to consider for future Whole30s.

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I'm on day 30 of the W30 and my period is 6 days late. I'm super cranky about it too! I've been trying acupuncture to help nudge things along but that's not helping... And stressing about it isn't helping either :) neither is upping the starch. Glad to know I'm not the only one dealing with this!

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I just posted that my period is late.  I started whole 30 right before I should have ovulated.  I think it must have delayed mine too because my period is several days late, and I'm never late!!  I also feel very nauseous and dizzy and just terrible overall.  I wish it would hurry up and get here because I'm tempted to eat something really bad to make myself feel better.  Good luck to you!

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