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A1C dropped 5 points in 60 days

Nomad 7

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" I am shocked, If I hadn't drawn the blood myself I would insist that you come back so that I could. I never would have thought this was possible. Tell me again the name of this diet" Those were the words from my doctor last night.


I went in for my physical 65 days ago and my doctor was concerned that I was losing control of my diabetes. My numbers were way to high, the drugs I was taking were having a minimal impact and I needed to do something drastic.  On top of that I need knee replacement surgery and was totally overweight. I have tried diets for most of my adult life, I can often lose weight but it always comes back and usually with a few friends.  


My wife and her boss decided to try this crazy diet called the whole 30, more than skeptical I watched for a week and decided that i would join in. The whole 30 became the whole 60 and I am on my way to the whole 90. I have lost 22 pounds, I have more energy, more mental clarity and just like my life better, but most importantly, my blood pressure is better, my joints don't have the same aches and pains and my A1C went down 5 POINTS.  I am having knee surgery in a few days and the doctor was concerned that my A1C was going to be too high to perform the surgery. She was shocked at the results. 


I must admit, I never thought this program would have this effect...I was somewhat skeptical of all of the claims. I must tell you they are true. EVERY ONE of them. 


thanks for giving me my health back.

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