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Sensitive subject, please don't judge Re: meal skipping...


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There is no judgement here.....but you may want to read the two articles regarding Whole30 going bad. I can't link right now but you can google "Whole30 Gone Bad" and "Whole30 Eating Disorder" and you will find two good articles from Whole30. If a mod or advanced member pops along here on a desktop PC, can you link for me, please? On iPad right now and it's useless for linking. :)

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Yay! :wub:


If you find some days seem to be harder than others, some people need a little more starchy veg, like a fist sized serve with each meal.


If you have any unusual sudden symptoms like feeling super anxious or cranky (can be triggered by low blood sugar), adding some extra starchy veg can help.

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