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Breastfeeding and need help

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I did a Whole30 when my second child was 11 months old and had great success.  I was still nursing then and don't remember any negative effects. So when I had my third child, I thought I would jump right back into a Whole30 eating plan to lose the baby weight.  I attempted to start when he was two months old and immediately saw a difference in milk production. I stopped and went back to my regular eating plan.  I tried a whole30 again every two months and would see a diminish in supply. My son is now 11 months and I said this is the time to start.  Nope, a drop in supply again!  Over the last 11 months instead of losing baby weight, I've gained 25 pounds, and I am miserable .  I need some help.


Whole30 eating plan:


Typical breakfast, lunch and dinner: 

5-6 baked chicken wings

whole sweet potato

broccoli, green beans, spinach, or carrots (at least 2 cups)


Snacks -- apple, orange, or banana


I sometimes vary the protein and have a piece of steak.



I have also done the same plan as above but mixed in a 1/2 can of coconut milk with the potato and eaten an avocado on the side. I saw a more fatty production of milk but still less milk.


I also drink about 4-6 20 oz bottles of water.


Please help!!! I like eating according to the Whole30 guidelines, but I would like to lose weight and keep my milk supply.  I plan to pump for at least another month.  And nurse until 2 years.



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Hey there


Nursing mums really need a 4th template meal (or at least a mini meal) rather than snacking on fruit to ensure they're getting in enough food, and you could do with WAY more fat in your meals - even if you weren't BFing...

Add in things like home made mayo over your veg, a handful of olives or avocado to each meal, and sip on a can of coconut milk throughout the day. 

Fennel tea is also thought to boost supply so you might want to give that a go.


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