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Started Sept 25th Cold Turkey


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Today is day 4 and yest. I felt as high as a kite! Then slept like crap lastnight. Today feeling SUPER tired!

So here is where I'm coming from, my husband & I were to the point that we were enjoying a little too much beer & wine every night and with that came smoking too. We both hate that habit and are determined to quit! It's actually been really easy. I had been a regular smoker before in my life and besides being pregnant this is the second easiest time I've had quitting. Never going to think I can have just one will out drinking EVER again. I just dont stop. Anyway I'm on day 4 and feeling really strong in my wants as far as knowing what I want to accomplish. The 'end' goal if you will is to never smoke again and to cut way back on the drinking. I think these two things are the reason I had not wanted to try whole 30 before. Now I'm ready and willing. How easy it is when your brain is ready! I also want to heal my gut and get healthy from the inside out.

The food part: I was eating paleo 80% of the time besides the alcohol. But all summer before 4 days ago I was a bit off the deep end and spinning out of control in that area too.

I guess on day 4 I feel more confident that I can do this than I did before I started, also I notice I'm looking forward to the days I'm putting behind me and celebrating the day I'm on, instead of counting down the days till I'm done. This is a different frame of mind than I have ever had.

Anyone else giving themselves the cold turkey treatment on more than just food groups?

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Good luck, the Whole30 is a great way to start and support a whole lot of changes. Do you have any other support mechanisms for to help with not smoking. I have never been a smoker but it seems notoriously hard to beat. It is a bit like Dallas and Melissa say in It Starts WIth Food though, every time you make the move to change is a step closer to success. Here in Australia we have an organisation called Quitline that provides a whole lot of resources to help with stopping smoking, here's the link. http://www.quitnow.gov.au/

Hope you don't mind me posting this info.

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Well it's day 5 and yesterday was tough. Lots of life stressors between work and family. I mean usually thats the case but having a family member pass away and then big changes at work AND menstral cramps made for a pretty sucky day 4.

I'd say the most difficult was not running to comfort foods (that in turn would make me feel like crap). I did miss the thought of having some wine lastnight since it was Friday, but it wasn't a strong craving. I'm still not having any cravings for cigs. so that's a pretty amazing feeling. I also slept like a ROCK lastnight which was much needed!!!

On another positive note, we are trying new recipes all month as a family and yes it is more work for ME as the sole cook it is a bunch more work than just going out to dinner. But it's also a lot of fun to have everyone help make the meal & decide if we will ever make it again. The kids take full ownership over the meal they helped prepare and feel like excellent cooks lol. So that is a major highlight!

Thank you for the stop smoking link. I might need it later on, but right now I think just being able to talk about it here and having the support at home is enough.

So happy day 5 to my fellow w30'ers!

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