Tips to Destroy That Damn Dragon

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So yes, I have a sugar addiction problem.  In fact, I have a binging issue when it comes to sugar.  And even if it's not sugar, it's bread and carbs.


How does everyone slay their dragon?  When temptation rolls around, what goes through your head?  Sometimes, after overcoming the temptation in that small period, the desires stay in my head... Like inception.  Like a forbidden lover.  One look, and I'm hooked.  I notice its nooks and crannies.  I can't get my mind off, and sometimes it will even last for weeks.


I hate this feeling of lack of control.  Please, someone help!

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After a certain amount of time eating W30 style, the power of that temptation wanes. It becomes easier to ignore and easier to abstain. It's a different length of time for each of us, and some of us even get to a point where we can choose to indulge and then get right back on the horse. 


To me, this is the real magic of W30. The freedom it affords us in time from the demons that once controlled us. And it's a tool to return to again and again.


Stay with it. It's worth it.

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Learn how to say NO.   That's it.



I can say no to setting my hair on fire.  Oh boy, I hope I don't set my hair on fire today.  I've decided that setting my hair on fire is not an option.  It is a boundary.  


Know that cravings will go away within approximately 5 minutes.  True hunger will not go away.   Honor true hunger and learn how to say NO to sneaky snake temptations that are nothing but old grooves in the brain wanting to be fed and constant attention.


Cravings are like narcissists.  They demand attention.  They want their name in the marquee lights.  All spotlight.  A bright loud beacon.   Feed me.  Pick me.  Look at me.  I'm your everything.  But they're not.

They are imposters.  Crooks and robbers.


Sneaky snake cravings will rob you of your desire to make it to the Whole 30 Finish Line.  Don't turn around and look at them.  Sit it out.  Pout if you have to.  But do not cave in to their desire to drag you and your heart around.  


Cravings. STOP.  Dragging my heart around.....well, I have to post this.  It fits.



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... I think I've gotten too used to filling sleepiness w/sugar when I really just need more rest. 


You only feel  like you need rest because of the peaks & troughs of the constant sugar hits. Sugar (in ANY form) can peak in the blood stream almost immediately, but crashes within an hour at which point your brain seeks that HIGH again and releases hormones to actually make you crave sugar so that it gets what it wants. And as you've seen it's a vicious cycle.

Fat. You need more fat. It will give a much more sustained release of energy and keep you on an even keel. 

And try some oily fish (fatty protein) which is thought to increase dopamine production, as well as being high in selenium which is known to boost mood.

If you eat enough foods that boost mood naturally your body won't have a need to crave because you're giving it exactly what it needs..

WIn win. 

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