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Life changing victory!!


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Howdy all,

Me and my wife have completed our whole30 after deciding enough is enough and that we needed to take control of our bodies as we hit 40.


We both feel so energised and have vowed to keep on eating a similar diet but our takeaways from the 30days were;

Have a partner - so much easier to have somebody else keep you in check.

Prepare, prepare, prepare - you can't wing this you have to be prepared do your menu plans (thankfully we did this before) have some emergency snacks incase you wobble (just bars and nuts tide you over if the other one is late home for dinner)  get some tasty meal ideas - we are big fans of the nom nom paleo book.

don't forget to read your labels - everything is out to make you fail :) take your time in the store and enjoy it.

Get rid of the junk from your house - we are weak so if its not there we are not having it - simple!

Get ready to be a food bore - people seemed really interested to find out what we were doing, i think as they were in search of the holy grail of diets, i tried pointing out its not about losing weight its more than that, but I'm not convinced i did a great job getting them out of the mindset.

get ready to use a new notch on the belt - I lost 1.5stone (11%bodyweight) over the month and my wife 11lbs (8%) and we were 'not that big' to start with. WOW

​going out for dinner isn't that hard - its a pain in the behind yes but you can find something, making sure you sway the restaurant choice is key though as its a lot easier at steak houses!

have fun with it - check in with your partner about what they want at the end is - our craved foods changed as we went through the 30days, so was fun to compare. we are on day 33 and haven't broken yet, we just don't feel the need.


Now to add in some more exercise! swimming pool here we come!!





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