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Starting!! A little intimidated...


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I'm very excited to start my Whole 30 journey! I am a little nervous because I travel for work and I would like to be able to stick to the plan while on the road. Does anyone have recommendations for this?


Also, I am currently living at home to save money and my family keeps tons of snacks in the house. Does anyone have recommendations for how to combat this without throwing away their snacks and upsetting them?


Thank you! I appreciate the tips!



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Some tips for traveling here and here, plus you can google Whole30 forum travel to find past discussions.


For the snacks and stuff in the house -- can you separate your stuff from their stuff, and make sure you don't have to dig through their stuff in the fridge or pantry to get to your stuff? Maybe designate shelves or drawers for your stuff, so you know exactly which stuff you can have. If they're fairly supportive, ask them if they can not leave the really tempting stuff out on the counter where you have to see it -- so if they buy cupcakes or chips or something, could they keep them put away where you don't see them. Be sure you separate out the spices and sauces you can have too, so you don't grab something non-compliant while you're cooking, and so if one of your family members does offer to make you a meal at some point, you can say, only use the items right there, on that shelf, and nothing else.

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