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Day 27 but still issues. Need to step it up a gear?


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I'm nearly there and have loved the experience psychologically (I had a lot of sugar dragons and snack demons to slay) but physically I've not seen the progress I wanted to:

1. I still have psoriasis

2. I'm still getting migraines

3. In still wake up at 3am (possibly due to tiny bladder)

4. my clothes are no looser

Here's a typical day:

Meal 1: poached salmon or homemade sausage with sautéed veggies (tomatoes, mushrooms, courgettes, peppers, red onion) or a frittata

Meal 2: dinner leftovers - typically meat or fish with veg (eg cauliflower rice) and squash or sweet potato plus berries and coconut cream as I really miss dairy! (Have been cutting down the coconut milk as it became a crutch)

Snack: (I can't make it from lunch at 1pm to dinner at 8pm and don't have chance for a meal) handful nuts, nkd bar if desperate or banana or apple and almond butter or boiled egg or avocado with bacon

Meal 3: meat or fish plus veggies e g roast chicken and ratatouille or steak with steamed carrots and broccoli. Usually include a starchy veg if I've trained. I'm an enthusiastic cook so have worked my way through the whole30 cookbook

Portions are pretty big as I hate to be hungry. Perhaps I don't eat enough veg though.

Drinks - water (lots) and herbal tea

I intend to do a whole60 but am I doing something wrong?

Should I consider ramping it up - eliminate nightshades, fodmap? Which?

All advice gratefully received

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How much salt are you using? When I started Whole30, I had a headache that lasted four days (later failed due to not being in the right state of mind, but still sticking to most of the rules with some modifications so I don't go crazy). I found that greatly increasing starchy veggies (white potatoes, mostly) and adding waaay more salt than I thought I needed killed the headaches.  In fact, I found myself craving salt.  It was weird, because I am usually sensitive to things being too salty.  Also, one of the symptoms of sodium deficiency is headache, so yeah, it might be worth it to up the salt and see if that helps with the migraines.


I personally don't do well with low carbs apparently, so with the elimination of grains and legumes, I had to start eating WAY more potatoes, sweet potatoes, and other tubers and such to not feel tired and crappy.


Don't know about the other issues, but the headaches could very well be an issue of not enough sodium and/or not enough carbs from starchy veggies.

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Other than the coconut cream with your berries I don't see much in the way of fat. Much of the fat you use to cook with stays in the pan so be sure to add another source to each meal.

Yes, nuts are a fat source, but an inferior one and one which should be limited, and I'm guessing the avocado & bacon is only occasional...

Your nakd bar along with your banana or apple with nut butter are very carby and will most likely impact blood sugar which can also cause headaches. I'd plan to have a mini meal here - something that looks like a regular meal (ie. protein + fat + veggies), or at least protein & fat.

Your nakd bar is for emergency use only - as in you've fallen down a ravine & trapped your foot in some rocks with no sign of a rescue to the point where you'd be happy to gnaw your foot off for freedom kind of emergency - if you can plan to snack you can plan to have proper food  ;)  

In short I'd ditch the bars, switch the snacks for a mini meal, and up the fat.

Hope this helps  :)

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Thank you


I haven't had too many headaches past the first two weeks, just migraines (nausea, vision disturbance, numbness etc) but I have been craving salt weirdly.


I don't eat many bars as I'm trying to get off the snacking thing but a mini meal probably would be better. I'm open to portable suggestions as it has to be grab and go as I run round like a crazy person between leaving work and putting my little one to bed.


I thought I ate loads of fat until I wrote it out - so yes, I can work on that too.


Thanks again

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...I'm open to portable suggestions as it has to be grab and go as I run round like a crazy person between leaving work and putting my little one to bed...

Tinned fish is a good portable options - personally I like mackerel fillets in EVOO - less of a smell than sardines, & more pleasurable than tuna, and I've been eating them out of a tin since I was a kid.

(Soft) Hard boiled eggs, deviled eggs, pouches of olives, cherry tomatoes that can be popped like grapes, cucumber (which can be eaten like an apple once you've washed the skin - yes, really!), raw carrots dipped in guac, dill pickles... 

And yes, if you're craving salt then you're low in sodium - changing from SAD to whole foods can result in a 75% reduction in salt intake which needs to be replaced as you lose so much just from 'being' let alone from being active in anyway.

Let us know how you get on...  :)

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I just started my Whole30 today, but because I also have psoriasis I had already eliminated the nightshades from my diet. I do find that nightshades increase joint pain and definitely increase my itch. Perhaps you should give it a try. What I did to test the theory in the beginning was to avoid all nightshades (which I found difficult at first but you likely won't) for 2-3 days, then on day 4 I had one of them, say potatoes. Within the hour of having them I was going nuts from the itch. In my case I would still itch somewhat (it's part of the condition I suppose) but I was still eating lots of other non-compliant foods. Today, my day 1 of Whole30, it's almost bedtime for me and my body pain is already reduced somewhat and I have not been nearly as itchy as my typical day (less inflammation, YAY!). I hope this helps and, if not, I hope you find your magic combination very soon.

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