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Ready for this. Getting healthy starting March 14.


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I read about Whole 30 a few years ago.  Decided it wasn't for me.  I would say since them I have gained... 50 pounds.  All due to processed foods.  I am a sugar addict.  A friend brought it up again and I think the time is perfect to get started! I had a baby almost 4 years ago and he is no longer a baby.  Time to get fit and get healthy.  I tried to start running a few weeks ago and I guess the rapid effort on my part stressed my larynx and I have had laryngitis for a few weeks ;( However. That is almost past and I am going to start walking instead of running. One thing at a time.  Monday I am ready to start. I have my menu planned with three options for each meal.  I will probably carry this through most of the 30 days.  I have my shopping list for tomorrow morning so I can cook up my stews/chicken/beef and make it quick and easy.  My friend and I are going to strive for a Whole 30 to perfection.  


I am ready to get my energy back and be able to chase my son around. 

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