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Day 1 of 30 - It Starts today!


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Hi! My name is Gina and I am beginning my first 30 days on the Whole30. I am excited but also nervous. I am excited to learn to cook, to prepare food and think a head. I am nervous about changing some ingrained habits of grabbing my favourite foods on the go. I know I have a love affair with food as it meets my needs in so many ways, so changing this relationship also makes me worried. I do believe that for 30 days I can do this. I have to. Like Melissa and Dallas say...cancer is hard, which puts 30 days into perspective. I have chosen to start on the weekend in order to give myself more control over my day, more time to cook meals and prepare extra for the week. Today I tried making the basic mayo. My basic mayo didn't turn out so great, tasted like play-doe. Yuck. But my first meal of perfect scrambled eggs, perfect steamed spinach and berries was delicious. I am looking forward to joining this journey with all of the Whole30ers and finding support, ideas and encouragement in the forums and from the blog. I am glad to have this community.


Wishing everyone all the best on their individual journeys!


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