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Birthday Whole30

Kristina Wright

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Hello everyone!

I started my second Whole30 on Sept. 26. Of course, that meant no birthday cake, and that kind of threw my family for a loop, but I figured if I didn't make an excuse for my own birthday that would nullify any lesser excuses I might have made.

I'm wrapping up my third day and I'm very pleased. Since I've done this once before almost everyone around me knows the drill, so no random temptations. It's easy to do with enough planning and support (or non-intrusive apathy, as the case may be), although I admit I swore out loud in the store when I saw that Haagen Daaz was Buy One, Get One ON MY BIRTHDAY. It's my favorite ice cream, made with ONLY real, identifiable ingredients, and I can NEVER find it on sale when I really want it, go figure it would be half off when I start a Whole30. Slap in the face, much?

I will confess up front that the majority of my commitment comes from wanting to lose some weight. I'm not desperate to change my health this time because I already know how Paleo has changed me for the better, so there's not even a question. Since going paleo I'm no longer hypoglycemic (something I thought was normal), I don't get bad stomachaches anymore (brown rice and black beans were a major staple on the last diet I tried... talk about terrible digestion), I don't have to eat 100 times a day (being constantly hungry is also touted as totally normal) and my skin finally cleared up at age 22. I lost 12 lbs on my first Whole30. I slipped back into a mostly-SAD situation over the last month or two, and it's showing.

I weighed in at 138 the morning of my 23rd birthday. I took my measurements and hid the scale. We're off!

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