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Wholeheartedly Whole30 || 03 • 12 • 16 ||


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After completing 22 days of whole 30 in 2014 (right before graduating college), and trying it again but not completely compliant a few other times, I am officially setting out on a wholehearted journey to complete a full 30 days of Whole 30 compliant eating, beginning today 03/12/2016!

Reflecting on that point in my life almost 2 years ago, that was the best I have ever felt, physically and mentally and I look forward to getting back into that place again; a place of clear thinking/focus, balanced emotions, renewed energy (minus the first week of caffiene withdrawals, I remember there being a few days of headaches at the start; already mentally prepping myself), ability to cope with stress, reduced inflammation, better workouts, knowing how foods affect my mind and body, and most importantly a healthy relationship with food.

I'm new to the Whole30 forum but think it's a fabulous place for accountability and to connect with others. I'm also really excited to adopt this lifestyle again and give it my all, to learn alongside some of you and read from the successes of those who have gone before me.

Best wishes to all Whole30 goers out there!

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