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Black bean gravy touched my eggs


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So my husband and I are on day 7 of Whole30. We decided to go out for breakfast this Sunday. We went to a local and organic/sustainable breakfast place. They were very helpful getting us what we needed but when the food came my hub ands eggs and carnitas were on top of black beans!we didn't have the heart to send it back so we removed the eggs and meat and thankfully no beans came with it but there was still some of the juice/gravy on the meat and eggs.

This isn't a reason to start over is it??

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I think you already know the answer to your own question. We really want you to have 30 days of truly eliminating potentially problematic food. The amount ingested may seem tiny but it only takes the smallest amount to impact you.


You sound like you were surprised when the black beans/gravy appeared -- I've found that ordering what "looks like it's Whole30" on a menu is risky. Menus do not list every ingredient. There is often soy, wheat, sugar in items that you would never expect it to be in.


It always pays to spell out exactly everything you cannot have to the waitstaff. Smile, thank them in advance for helping with your special requests, tip generously afterward. It's not too much to ask.


Here's the Dining Out Guide. Great outline.


And please, please -- don't ever hesitate to send something back. You are the customer. You are paying. They are profiting from your patronage. This isn't your great-grandmother's home-cooked dinner.


Be encouraged! Go forward, add on 7 days at the end if that feels better than the idea of starting over, and count this as a learning experience. You can do this!

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