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Pre/Post workout meals


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Hi Ladies,

I am having a hard time coming up with ideas for pre and post work out meals. I am afraid if I don't figure it out soon, I will end up undoing all of my progress so far!

I am on day 26 of my first round. My period is coming this week and my chocolate and salt cravings are super strong.

I have been doing nuts pre-workout and trying to do a protein and veggie for post but I need ideas!!!

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Hi a5aad.....it took me almost 2-3 weeks of my Whole30 to get the right combination for pre and post workout meals. I'm a lady too. I usually workout first thing in the morning. I have 1/2-1 whole hard boiled egg while sipping black coffee or green tea. I never thought I could eat an egg...but you know, it works fine (I swim 3-4 times/week) Then when I get back from my workout, I have 2-3 bites of cooked (cold) chicken or more HB egg, and a slice of yam (sweet potato). I shower, get lunches organized, prep for dinner...then I have my first meal of the day (usually 3 eggs, cooked spinach, and other vegetables). I'm a convert...used to have protein shakes....no more, just real food :)

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For postWO chicken, egg whites, tuna or other fish tinned in water - any lean protein - no fat, no fruit.

If you're craving chocolate and salt you might want to introduce a magnesium supplement if you haven't already, and add more salt to your food - both cravings can be indicative of deficiencies.

If the chocolate craving is purely for chocolate's sake or for anything else sweet try upping the fat content of your meals and add in some more starchy veg in the coming days in run up to your period - science tells us that this is actually a NEED at this time of the month rather than a craving and many women report that not only do their carb cravings increase, but their appetite too.

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