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Chelsea's 1st Whole30


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Here we go, Day 1!!


My biggest concerns:  Goodbye cigarettes, wine, and indulgence (some of my favorite things).


Why I'm doing this:  joint pain reduction, mood enhancement/stabilization, skin improvement, weight loss/confidence, cancer-risk reduction, examination of negative relationship with food, healthy modeling for my kids, healing immune and digestive systems, reduce dependence on pharmaceuticals, reduce headaches, reduce rate of illnesses/ absenteeism from work/ doctor's visits, increase productivity, gain (at least a bit of) control of my future, AND a bunch of other stuff that I can't foresee.


My biggest strengths:  

1) I LOVE TO COOK.  Love it.  Absolutely love all things about food, cooking, eating, feeding others.

2) cutting/chopping/mincing = mindfulness practice

3) My will is strong.  I enjoy the challenge.

4) I NEED this.


My biggest weaknesses:

1) I've been smoking over half of my life, and have a nasty oral fixation.

2) Limited budget

3) Sugar addiction

4) Food = Security blanket


I'm so fortunate to have the time, motivation, and support to do this.  My FANTASTIC partner is doing this with me; even my kids are excited (for now)!!


So, it begins.  I look forward to whining, celebrating, and learning with y'all!!!



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Hi, Chelsea!  I gave up smoking 4 1/2 years ago. Best thing I ever did.  I smoked from age 15 - 40.  Hardest thing I ever gave up.  I can't believe you are giving it all up at once. That is going to be difficult, but kudos to you!  Good luck to you!  I will be watching!  :)

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