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Started March 3rd.


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Hello Everyone. I am glad to be here.  I started my whole foods journey on March 3rd.  I am starting to feel better after having "carb flu" I think.  I have always been on some kind of a diet, but this is so different and freeing for me as I know exactly what I am not supposed to eat and then there is this entire list of things I CAN eat.  I love the freedom and choices.  I have been enjoying many new recipes.  I am also realizing that after 12 days, I really don't like coffee unless it has cream and stevia in it.  I don't like coconut cream in it either.  I have been drinking it black because I am used to having 2 regular cups a day and I don't want a worse headache than the one I have had since I started. (That will be for the next Whole30.  I love that I have the dull headache though, cuz it is a reminder to me that my body is cleaning itself out and getting better!!!  I have 60lbs to lose but am just taking this one Whole30 at a time.  Once the 30 days is up, I know I will begin another but can't look at it like that right now.  I am still puffy and my rings are still tight, but I am sleeping better and it seems just a bit easier to lift my arms and legs, if that makes any sense.   I am looking forward to loose fitting clothes, even if it is just a little bit. Looking forward to the last 2 weeks.

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