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questions on reintro


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On Friday I will start my reintroduction - everything on the Whole30 has been very clear to me up to this point.  I'm a bit confused and don't want to screw it up.


So is this plan correct??


-Day 1 of reintro:  I can have some alcohol (not gluten) and then the next 2 days after go back to the normal Whole30 program with no alcohol and see how I feel?  Can I only have alcohol on day 1 of reintro?


-Day 4: try dairy in all of my meals?  then for days 5 and 6 go back to normal whole30?  During day 4, can I have the alcohol as well or am I not allowed to have alcohol again until 10 days are over?  Also, on days 5 and 6, should I not have any dairy OR alcohol, just normal Whole30 program?


-keep going with different grains, legumes, etc, until day 10?

-when can I have something sweet like ice cream or cake?


Thank you for your help!




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Yes, do reintros of one thing for one day, then go back to Whole30 eating for at least two days (or until you feel better, if you have the misfortune of having some kind of really horrific reaction that takes more than two days to get over).


No, don't have any previously reintroduced items for the rest of the reintroduction period, so no alcohol on dairy day, even if you didn't notice a reaction to alcohol. You may not have a reaction to a small amount of something, but continuing to have it over time could cause there to be enough of it in your system to cause a reaction, and then you wouldn't know for sure if a reaction was to, say, dairy, or to having alcohol over several days.


You can either do a separate sugar reintro day (try to keep it as clean as possible, so maybe sugar or honey in coffee or tea, or a salad dressing made with honey or maple syrup), or some people have some sugar in another day -- ice cream on dairy day or a cookie on gluten grains day, for instance. Keep in mind that if you have sugar on another reintro day, it may be harder to separate out what's causing psychological reactions like cravings or moodiness, as sugar can cause those, but for some people, so can wheat or dairy products. Other people know that they don't want sugar or sweeteners to be a regular part of their life, so rather than actually reintroducing them, they just wait until something comes up that seems worth it to them, and then go back to avoiding sugar until the next thing they consider worth it comes along. (post-Whole30, determining if something is worth it: Guide to Nutritional Off Roading, Melissa's One Bite Rule)

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