GI issues and terrible headache


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I am on day 23 of Whole30 and have followed the program to a T.  I have been feeling GREAT up until about 4 days ago.  I have the worst headache ever, so tired and Diarrhea. Any idea what I can do to help these issues?

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We might be able to help - but first we will need to know what you have been eating.  It would help if you would able to list a couple days worth of meals out for us so we can help you trouble shoot.  Please include water consumption, as well as sleep levels.  When you list out your meals please give us specifics like portion sizes and types of vegetables you are eating.  Please don't say 'lots of vegetables'.  We need to know what types of vegetables as some vegetables are known for causing gut distress.

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Typical Day



Black Coffee

2 Eggs

1 fruit



Chicken Breast

Carrots or mushrooms with oil

WHole30 Ranch



Nuts or dried fruit



Some sort of meat

Salad with Whole 30 ranch or Balsamic V.


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I'm guessing you have a headache from undereating (there is a cumulative effect from this) and that the nuts/dried fruit could be causing the digestive issues.


For M1, if eggs are your only source of protein you should eat as many as you can hold in one hand.  For most women, that's 3 or 4.  Your M1 is also missing veggies.  You should be eating 1 to 3 cups of veggies (cooked measurement - raw like spinach and other greens would be significantly more) and adding one to two servings of fat.  For many, eating fruit with M1 can cause cravings and hunger issues.  


I'm guessing you didn't eat enough at your M2 since you felt the need to snack.  Your meals should last you 4 to 5 hours until your next meal.  If you have to snack, a mini meal that includes at least two of the macros (protein and fat or veggies and protein, etc) is ideal.  Nuts and dried fruit are better as a condiment than as a snack and they might be upsetting your stomach.


Hard to tell if you M3 is the right size, but I suspect you are short on veggies here too unless you are eating a HUGE salad.  Protein portions should be the size and thickness of your palm.  It's fine to eat 2 portions of protein at your meals if you are hungry.


You didn't mention how much water you are drinking, but you need 1/2 an ounce for each pound of body weight minimum.  Be sure too that you are salting your foods. 


Hope you feel better soon!

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I am having a very similar problem...what I would call a 'weak stomach' for about 6 days now.  I am on day 21 and have also followed the program to the letter.  I had no digestive distress during the first two weeks, which I thought was a little odd after I had read that was usually to be expected in the first week or two.  I have also had a headache since yesterday afternoon (about 24 hours now).  I have noticed that I've begun to use almond butter and nuts as a 'crutch' food...   :unsure:

Meals on the days my stomach trouble began:

Day 15...


3 egg gallette with shallot, mushrooms, and kale in clarified butter/coffee


cold coffee with homemade almond milk/almond butter and banana/few cashews/1 medjool date/few grapes/raw veggies with almond pulp hummus

(this was just a little mish-mash of everything!)


chicken cacciatore with zucchini noodles/frozen raspberries with coconut cream


Day 16...


shakshuka with 2 eggs/coffee

Snack mid-morning:

banana with almond butter/cold coffee with almond milk


leftover chicken cacciatore/sweet potato with clarified butter and cinnamon


cashews/cucumbers/cucumber and tomato salad/tuna

M4: (late night)

chicken veggie soup


Day 17...


3 scrambled eggs in olive oil with tomatoes


sweet potato with clarified butter/bacon, shallots, mushroom, zucchini, spinach, and kale sauteed together


cold coffee with almond milk/apple/few cashews/almond butter

M3 (or 4?):

big Moroccan meal of an assortment of meats, salads, and veggies/hot tea & coffee


Any tips or suggestions are appreciated

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I'd suggest ditching the nuts & nut butters - both are notoriously hard on the digestive system and are recommended to be eaten in moderation only - moderation being one serving every other day at most. You might want to dicth the almond milk too until things settle, and replace with other (better) fat sources of which you appear to be a tad light... Home made mayo, compliant bacon, olives, fatty cuts of meat etc.

Some of your meals also look on the small side to me - the fact that you are needing to snack cements this. I'd suggest you up the size of each meal in order to avoid the snacks, be sure you are salting your food, adding sufficient fat, and drinking at least a half an ounce of water per pound of body weight, daily.

Hope this helps.

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