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Can I do it?


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Oct-April last year did 98% paleo/primal, but with dairy mostly.

I did try the whole 30 many times, but never managed to get very far as dairy really seems to have a hold on me (combined with coffee, so this is probably what I am addicted to). I also did CrossFit for 4 months of this time and felt amazing.

I actually gained weight during this time, but my body changed a huge amount, and looked significantly smaller. Lots of my digestive issues disappeared and I felt amazing. I had none of the migraines or body aches I normally had.

Stuff happened, and I stopped CrossFit and this way of eating, since then I have gained 17 kg, and lots of fitness. My hips ache again, and I get regular migraines, which make it impossible to look after my two boys, so they end up watching a lot of TV on these days.

I am about 50 kg overweight and I am really feeling it. So tired, my body aches with my back trying to hold me up. I get migraines often, I am cranky and feel so foggy.

I have attempted again to do a whole 30 for over a week now, but its always the damn coffee, I have a Starbucks drive-through close, so its easy to go there, and so convenient. Plus a few meals out, but have still lost 2 kg already, but of course don't feel better yet.

I have to do this for my boys, I really do.

I need to break the starbucks habit. My fridge is stocked up with chopped veggies in containers, and have a freezer full of grass fed meat. There is really no excuse not to do this, there really isn't.

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Let the way you will feel at the end of the Whole30 by your motivation. This really does work. Keep post in here too, there is great support and I think you will find that you aren't alone in how you are feeling.

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I am not a psychologist. Or a psychiatrist. But my gut instinct tells me something else is at work here. You feel like crud. You're unhappy with how your body looks. You're sad that your boys can't spend time with their mom being active, but instead have to watch TV. You have tons of awesome, health-promoting food on hand. But you can't get motivated to fix things.

You're stuck.

Could be actual, chemical-based depression. Could be run-of-the-mill malaise. But there is something underpinning your situation that will likely make it quite challenging to stay on the Whole30 wagon. It can't possibly be completely due to Starbucks.

My unsolicited, totally-unbacked-by-any-sort-of-medical-degree advice:

1. Don't try to do full-on Whole30 just yet. (I expect I will get slammed for that comment.)

2. Just focus on no dairy for now. And you can still have Starbucks: just avoid the lattes...and for gosh sake, don't start doing soy milk! Teach yourself to enjoy black coffee. Or switch to tea.

3. Start taking a walk outside every day in the sunshine. Take your boys. Don't go for a particular distance or a set pace; just get out, get some Vitamin D, and enjoy some quality time with the kiddos.

4. Start journaling. Doesn't matter what sort of notebook. Doesn't matter what you write. Just spend a few minutes in the morning--possibly while sipping your black coffee--writing whatever you're feeling. You might be surprised to learn what's going on inside that noggin of yours that is putting you into this mental state.

5. Finish up every shower with a dose of cool-to-cold water. Sounds bizarre, I know, but there has been great success in treating depression and other mental ailments with cold water therapy. And hey, it's practically free!

6. Clean your house. I have no idea if your house is already in pristine shape, but my guess is, it's the opposite of that. When you're feeling blue, then you let your environment reflect that. And that leads to feeling even worse. The cycle has to be broken, and that starts with something as simple as cleaning your kitchen. Or emptying out the coat closet. Start small. Work up. Take control.

Enough of my rambling. I sincerely hope you feel better soon. You paid exactly zero dollars for this advice, so that may be exactly what it's worth. But perhaps you will find a smidge or two of value, and if you do, once you get back to feeling good about YOURSELF, then that's the time to tackle something like Whole30.

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Sorry but no not depressed.

Its like anyone who starts out doing this, for someone else it might be coke, or chocolate, for me its coffee.

And no my house is not a mess. I do have toys around the place, but I do have 2 boys under 5 and I am not going to follow them and pick up every single thing as they drop it. My house is clean, not at all dirty.

Anyway, tomorrow is the 1st of October, and I will be throwing myself 100% into the whole 30. I owe it to myself. I will be keeping a log here, to document how I feel as I go along in this journey.

Bring on tomorrow!

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Today it begins. Day 1 of my whole30.

B - egg "cupcakes" with cherry tomatoes on the side.

black coffee

cup of homemade chicken bone broth.

L - leftover chicken from last nights roast, mixed with homemade mayo, onion, celery, cherry tomato and cucumber on a bed of mixed greens.

D - Grass fed beef rissoles (beef and herbs), cauliflower, broccoli, parsnip and carrot puree. (Some kind of other greens as well but unsure exactly yet).

Will be starting my walking each night, and will go to CrossFit again (different place from last time) once i've made some progress.

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Hi Ayla2010!

If coffee has a hold on you, you might try mixing your coffee, half caffeine, half decaf. I did that once over about 4-5 days and was able to avoid the massive withdrawal headache. From there you could wean off of the decaf.

If you've never tried it, fix yourself a warm-hot cup of water and add 1 tsp raw apple cider vinegar (with the mother). It reminds me of apples and is comforting, especially to any sore throat!

Good luck to you! -Diana

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Thanks Diana, will try that.

I did have a black coffee today and didn't particularly enjoy it, I think its best I do what you suggest :) I only ever have 2 max a day but I guess for me that is too much.

Feeling good today. Did my 4 km walk in just under 50 mins, so glad I went and it will be good to do this regularly.

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One of my favorite quotes by Henry Ford: "Wether you think you can or think you can't, you're right." So much of what we do is determined by our thoughts. It's easy to give in to self doubt. Takes a lot more grit to power through when outside factors are getting to you. Guilt is a horrible thing. I spend a few minutes looking at my day. What did I do that was good? Where can I improve? I take note of both and work on what I can realistically change. Some days I just want to throw in the towel, but then I remember that nothing worth doing well happens without some effort. Good luck!

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Argh what a shit start to day 2.

Its only 9.17 am, and things are not good.

I ate my first meal around 6.30, it was chicken rissoles, made with what I thought was herbs and just chicken thigh minced up. (For the record, all our meat is from a free range, organic butcher).

We normally don't buy these type of things, id just buy the chicken thigh, but thought id try something different, and as I was eating realised that they seemed to have some breadcrumbs :( I didn't think to ask when I got them.

And since then ive felt like crap. I was hungry just before as I only ate 1 because I stopped after I realised about the breadcrumbs, so cooked half of the pork belly I had planned for dinner. Now I just want to go and get a nice creamy coffee :(

I think the best thing to do is only buy the meat, and if I want to make things like that, then make them myself. At least I know the chicken rissoles were a mistake, and I guess tomorrow is day 1.

I am going to complete this 30 days no matter what!

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Argh today has just gone down hill after the breakfast disaster :(

I felt so crappy, so I ended up buying takeaways for lunch, which did not taste good, and I have felt even more awful ever since. So tired and lethargic.

I was finally starting to feel better after nearly 2 weeks of almost whole 30. Argh!

One of my major issues right now is sore hips, they have been this way since my oldest son was born 5 years ago. They got better then I had another son 2 years ago, and now my weight has gone right up, they ache so bad whether im sitting or standing, I think its time to get my physio to visit again as it really does help. But food is the answer to everything, it really is, and I wish more people realised this instead of turning to medication immediately for their ailments (I too am guilty of this, but no more).

Tomorrow is a new day 1. And I am going to keep at this, until I get it right for the 30 days and it becomes a habit.

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I love love creamy coffee drinks too. What I found has worked for me is putting coconut oil, like a heaping Table Spoon, in the coffee. For some reason it is just creamy and sweet enough to make black coffee OK.

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Good luck! Bread-crumb type things happen, and as long as you don't purposely let them happen (have to be honest with ourselves) I think you could just tack another day onto the end. Ultimately, you (and all of us!) are learning about your body and how things make it feel!

Bummer on the sore hips... that sounds painful. It's good that you know one way to fix it.

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Day 1 Whole 30+

Meal 1 - Scotch eggs from Well Fed x 2 (didn't enjoy them so much).

Meal 2 - My new fav salad (All incredients chopped finely, pecans x 4, 2 x cans tuna in spring water (pole and line caught), celery, red onion, tomato, parsley, salt, pepper and homemade mayo) delicious!

Meal 3 - Fresh barramundi (will be a weekly delivery from now on), cooked in ghee (made me by), parsley, lemon and salt and pepper). Will be served with a green salad of some description.

Feeling good about today. WIll not be doing my 4 km walk at night until next week when daylight savings begins. I feel more comfortable walking at night, when it is light.

But tonight we are pulling down our old fence, between us and the neighbours as tomorrow we get a new colourbond one.

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Day 2 Whole 30+

Feeling pretty good today.

Meal 1 - 2 x t-bone steak with homemade chimichurri sauce.

Meal 2 - Naked burrito with pork and beef.

Meal 3 - Preservative free mountain pepper beef sausages with zuchinni and sweet potato hashbrowns and broccoli.

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