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Erin's Whole30 Started March 14th


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I am almost at the end of Day 2 of my Whole30 and I just found the forum, so I think I will begin a food log for accountability. From my Whole30 I am hoping to lose a few pounds and kickstart a continuous healthy lifestyle for years to come. I am the kind of person that ate fast food several times a week and it really has taken a toll on the scale over the years. So far on Day 2 I am very tired/have low energy, I'm pretty sure it is from the lack of sugar because I poured probably 1/4 cup of creamer in my coffee every morning and craved something sweet every time I ate a meal, before I began the Whole30. However, I have not really had any significant cravings yet just the low energy and minor headaches. I am also very impressed with how tasty my food has been. The first two days I basically stuck with the 7 day meal plan in the Whole30 book so I had: 


Day 1:

Meal 1- Frittata with onions, tomato, and spinach and an apple, black coffee

Meal 2- Protein Salad with Chicken on top of celery and an orange

Meal 3- Spaghetti Squash with tomato sauce and ground beef

The first day I was hungry a few hours after dinner so I fried an egg and had that with a piece of smoked salmon.


Day 2:

Meal 1- Frittata again with an apple, black coffee

Meal 2- Protein Salad this time with egg and stuffed in a bell pepper, orange

Meal 3- Roasted Chicken and Potatoes with the Roasted Red Pepper Mayo (which is delicious btw, 10/10 recommend)


The only complaint I have about the food so far is that I feel like I am consuming a lot of oil. I'm not sure if that is normal, I am following the recipes, but it just seems like a lot. Nonetheless, I am really excited about completing my Whole30 and seeing the impact it has on my life!

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Day Three and I had a really random burst of energy this morning at work that lasted for about 30 minutes and I got a lot done. Now starting to feel drained again, also didn't sleep well last night.

Meal 1: Leftover roasted potatoes topped with a fried egg, smoked salmon and a side of sautéed spinach

Meal 2: Leftovers from last night's dinner with a side of slaw

Meal 3: I am planning on making burgers with ground beef and sweet potato buns with lettuce, tomato, onion, sautéed mushrooms, jalapeños, and maybe some mayo or roasted red pepper sauce again.

I am also starting to feel like I don't want to eat much of anything but I'm trying to push myself to eat my meals.

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I definitely think I hit the Kill All the Things stage today, except it was more like kill all the things one minute and cry the next. However, it got better as the day progressed. One thing I'm worried about is I haven't had any energy to do much exercise and I definitely want to get back into the habit of working out. Hopefully next week I'll have more energy.

Meal 1: Frittata with a banana and coffee with coconut cream (not a fan of the cream)

Meal 2: Mexican Tuna Salad on top of Romaine lettuce and baby carrots

Meal 3: The slow cooker apple cider pulled pork that was posted on the Whole30 blog the other day with slaw and mashed sweet potato. This was by far the best meal I have had so far! The pork had an excellent flavor and the sweet potato hit the spot!

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I had a busy day yesterday and didn't get a chance to post. My menu was just different leftovers from earlier in the week. Today I had my first outing with one of my friends who is a very picky eater. All she eats is bread, meat, and cheese basically. So, instead of trying to find a restaurant that was compliant for me and acceptable to her, I decided to pack my own lunch and she stopped by Firehouse Subs to get a sandwich, then we went to the park for a picnic. I felt pretty good today, I wouldn't say I have tiger blood yet but I'm definitely not as exhausted as I was the first few days.

Meal 1: Three eggs scrambled with salsa and mashed avocado, banana

Meal 2: Two boiled eggs, bag of celery, carrots, and radishes, an orange, cashews, and Kombucha

Meal 3: Baked salmon with mushrooms, mustard greens, and butternut squash soup

I was really worried about not being able to stay compliant over the weekend during social situations but it wasn't even that difficult, just took a little extra planning. I can't believe tomorrow is Day 7 and the first week will be over!

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Day 9 already!! I am so excited that I have been able to make it this far without any slips or cheats and it is becoming easier to say no to foods I can't have. I think I am also starting to feel the Tiger Blood some throughout my day especially today! I also had an appointment with Red Cross this morning to donate blood and I was a little weary because I didn't know if I would be able to resist the sugary snacks they offer you afterwards, plus this time they also had free pizza for donors. However, I ended up doing an Alyx instead of just donating whole blood, which allows you to donate twice as many red blood cells but returns your plasma and platelets to you, and I felt completely fine afterwards. No lightheadedness or fatigue whatsoever and rather than eating the sugary snacks or the pizza, I had water and an orange and then I went home and had my lunch. My hemoglobin level was higher than it has ever been before when I've donated blood, it is usually on the borderline or too low but this time it was fine!

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