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Eep, getting backed up :(

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I'm on day 17 of my first Whole30 and starting to get a little nervous.  I've been really really good about eating only compliant foods, with two hiccups for alcohol (Saturday night, two glasses of organic wine, and two shots of 100% agave tequila, I know it's not good for the program, I'm still going forward, and trying not to beat myself up).  I actually had my first hiccup with food yesterday, I thought some dried mango was sugar free, it was not, ah!  had basically a potato chip size piece >_<


Anywho, for the last week and half or so, I noticed things were getting, um, looser?  nowhere near as solid, and less frequent, lighter, and for the last three days basically nothing! 


My diet this week has consisted of a banana for breakfast, a hard boiled egg about an hour later, and then a handful of nuts about an hour after that.  Lunch is usually crockpot chicken, potatoes and carrots, and then I'll have some carrots, celery, or a clementine on hand if I need a snack in the afternoon before I get home.  Dinner varies, but it's sometimes half a squash and some compliant bratwurst, or a tuna salad with greens, tomato and an onion, or home made egg drop soup with chives and extra veggies, egg cups with lots of veggies, etc...Then sometimes I'll have an apple with maybe 1-2 Tbs almond butter if I'm still hungry.  I also usually drink between50-60oz of water a day, but I'm trying to get that up to 70oz to be in line with program recommendations.


I cut out dates that I was eating, and have reduced my nut consumption over the last few days since I noticed those were becoming crutches, but I just don't know why I've basically stopped!  I also gained back 1.5lbs and just feel the build up :'(.  I'm wondering if it's because of the grazing in the morning?  I know the program recommends meals, but I just eat when I'm hungry, and stop when I'm not.  Merp.

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You could eat more protein and greens in the morning for breakfast. Have a serving - as many as you can hold in your hand, which is three eggs. I like to vary it, so I'll have two eggs cooked with spinach, asparagus and another veg (broccoli, zucchini, red pepper), as well as an organic chicken sausage link and 1/2 of an avocado. If I still am hungry, and it's a morning after I've worked out,  I'll have a little fruit, like one ring of pineapple or a little mango. That satiates me and I feel great until about 4-5 hours later when it's time for lunch.


I also take a supplement - calcium, magnesium and zinc, which helps to keep things "moving along." The best consistency is like mashed potatoes. That's when you know your diet is balanced. Drink plenty of water throughout the day as well.


As far as the alcohol, I'll let a moderator tell you about that... ;)

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Drinking two glasses of wine and two shots of tequila is not a hiccup.  It's an intentional choice to consume off plan items.  The mango I'll give you as a 'hiccup' and a good lesson in reading labels.


I know this isn't going to be what you want to hear but you're cheating yourself out of the actual benefits of a full whole30 by choosing to go on after knowingly and willingly drinking a significant amount of alcohol.


My diet this week has consisted of a banana for breakfast, a hard boiled egg about an hour later, and then a handful of nuts about an hour after that. 


This in no way matches the template.  Every meal is asked to be matched to the template of protein, veggies and fat in the appropriate quantities. The template is linked in my signature below.  Perhaps a review of it might be helpful in trying to make your meals match.


The reason you need to snack is because you are not eating enough.  I would guess that your bowel movements are lighter to non existent because your output is driven by your intake... if you don't eat enough food, what would there be to output?


Please review the template and the rules linked below.  They're the magic to this program and unfortunately the way you're describing your meals and your off plan consumption, you're not going to get the best out of the program.

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