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Starting on March 20th, first day of Spring


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I bought the Whole 30 book last summer, read it, got excited, put it on the book shelf and just took it back out today.  Let me back up just a little bit. 


Back in 2014 my nutritionist helped me realize I was a carb addict and with her help and guidance I was able to lose almost 45 pounds.  I felt SO good, so much more energy, etc.  My husband and I went on a much needed vacation, had a wonderful time and then came home and I slowly slipped back into my old ways of eating.  I had gone from a size 26 jeans to a size 18 (and could get into the 16's but they were snug). 


Yesterday I put on my 20's that I've been wearing and they are almost too tight :(  I decided then that I MUST get serious and get back on track so here I am.  I have just over 100 pounds to lose so this is going to be quite a journey for me and I will need all the encouragement I can get.


I will be working on clearing out all the junk in the house between now and the weekend.  Friday is payday and I plan to stock up on only good stuff.  I know it will be hard.  I've become addicted to carbs again, including sodas which I KNOW are bad for me for so many reasons.  I have to do this though, not for anyone else but for myself.


Looking forward to the journey and praying for strength to take it all the way this time.

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I'm starting on the 20th as well!  You should check out the thread "Starting March 21..." since there seems to be at least a handful of people that will be starting just 1 day after we do.  Good luck to you...we can do this!!



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