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starting 2nd whole 30!

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hello all! I just completed my first whole 30 on sunday! im gonna start again on Saturday this time with my husband. since sunday, I remained compliant on my whole 30 eating except for a two rolls of sushi on Monday night with my husband. then on Thursday I plan to partake in some st pattys day activities so ill probably have a drink or two or three.


I wanted to see if there was anything I should expect to be different for my second whole 30 or any advice that might be helpful? I know I'll be cooking and cleaning and planning more since my husband will be doing it with me this time. he works full time and since im the one convincing him to do it (hes not so sure itll get him the results he wants, he wants to gain a lot of muscle and "bulk up") I know that ill be doing the majority of the work.

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