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Headaches on day 10 what the what??


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Hi Whole30'ers!  I having been vigilant, I have been reading the book and knowing what to expect each day - I know the symptoms may show up on different days so I have been prepared for that too!   Day 10, I was ready for everything that was mentioned in the Whole30 timeline in the book and instead I have had a HEADACHE for the past 2 days!  Is it delayed sugar withdrawal?  I have not been eating potatoes or really any starches for the past week because that did not sound good - is it that?  I am not taking advil because I want to see this go away naturally and any insight would be helpful!  THANK YOU!!!   Julie

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There are a few reasons why you might be getting headaches -


Not eating enough in general.

Not eating enough starches - like one fist sized serving of a starchy veg per day - more if you are active, or have mood issues.

 Another reason is not drinking enough water - you should aim for half your body weight in ounces daily.

Also make sure to salt your food.  Not getting enough salt will usually give you dizzy spells and sometimes headaches.


If you really want some more in depth troubleshooting help - we encourage you to give us a rundown on a few days worth of meals.  Please be as detailed as possible.

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