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Day 7, Hiiii


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This is my first time posting and my first time doing a whole30...well I did try before but failed miserably due to my unwanted friend bulimia... So I just thought I would say whatsup and tell everyone some of the things I have been experiencing and all that stuff. I am 23, I work out 6 days a week doing weight lifting/crossift, I'm a personal trainer and have been paleo for 3 months, so I didnt think I would have that much of a 'low carb flu' feeling. Today I feel like poop, last few days no energy. I take zoloft for my OCD and panic disorder, that already makes me a little sleepy, so this on top of it has made me nap much more! BUT on the positive side, I have zero bloating, binge cravings are no longer, I can go between meals without feeling like I haven't eaten in 4 days, and Ican already tell some lbs have come off. Anywhom! Just wanted to say hello and share my experience thus far! I am alone in this with my husband being deployed so I am here creeping the forums for motivation to get me through the next few weeks!

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