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I'm in London, day 9, and i have a horrible feeling i've just messed up... Bacon. Really confused what bacon to choose in the UK, because most of ours don't seem to have sugar added - it's just got salt in and the sugar is 0 or 0.1g.


Does anyone know for sure which brand of bacon over here would be ok? 


I had a look at the back of some M&S dried bacon just now, and it looked ok, but now i've googled loads it seems not. It had just pork, no sugar, but sodium nitrate. Have i messed up? Do i need to start again?? :((



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Nitrates are fine for Whole30 purposes. Sulphites are not.

Stay away from maple cured and most brands are good.

If any kind of sugar is listed in the ingredients it's out. If it's just listed in the nutrients it's fine.

If in doubt go to a decent butcher.

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