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Toni's Food Journey

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Today is day five. I've been seeking this thread and just found it today otherwise I would've been here sooner. So far I have stuck to the plan perfectly. I noticed yesterday my day started getting easier. I probably ate less yesterday then I did the first three days. The first three days I constantly had to carry fruit and vegetable snacks and my sparkling water that helps keep me full everywhere I went. I still intend to do that because you never know when the body's going to get hungry and I don't want to mess up. But yesterday I hardly used any of my back up plans. Today I'm going zip lining with my children. There are five zip lines with the mile hike in between each one in the hill country of Texas. I'm a little concerned about getting hungry out there and not having enough energy. I am hoping I am allowed to take a few snacks with me. They are very strict about what you can have on you because you are zip lining across huge canyons so I get it! But if my day goes anything like it did yesterday I think I'll be fine. And even if I can't carry stuff with me I do have an igloo I packed in the car that I can run to devour when it's over. LOL!

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