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Bye inflammation!


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Hey everyone,


I did a Whole30 in January. Waited until Mid March to get my lab work done (still eating paleo, but I have reintroduced dark chocolate and organic heavy cream.)


I have had high C-Reactive Protein numbers for at least 3 years (ever since I've been tested for it)- it varied between 4.5 and 6. My doctor and I couldn't figure out why- I have no obvious inflammation, no artery plaque.... the number is now 1.1 !!!!!!! It must have been what I was eating- most likely grains and processed sugar.


My HDL went from 62 to 82, and triglycerides decreased from 69 to 50. Total cholesterol is up, but that number doesn't mean anything and I have a great naturopathic doctor who looks at the other markers and the ratios.


I'm even more excited now than when I finished my whole30 and had lost 7 lbs. (well about the same amount of excitement)




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Here's another YEA whole 30:


Had my dental cleaning- the hygienist remarked that I have hardly any buildup this time... so I told her about whole 30. I have a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth, which is always a challenge to brush and floss around. She only spent a minute on it! 

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