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ISWF/Whole30 in spanish?


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Dear all,


I am relatively new to your community, since I discovered it in the end of January this year. After reading both, "It Starts With Food" and "The Whole30" in less than two weeks I began my first whole30, which I successfully completed a week ago. Now I keep on eating this way, since it has truly changed my life!


Right now I have that feeling that I want to tell all my relatives and dearest friends about this, and I want them to benefit as well from it! I have however the problem they all come from Spain, and many of them don't speak that well english.


I have searched for related post in the forum and I only found entries from few years ago (2013/2014) so I decided to ask again: is there really no translation to spanish of any of the books available?


Considering the popularity of the Whole30 and the huge amount of spanish speakers in the world, and particularly in America, I'm really surprised it hasn't come out after these few years of enormous and deserved success of the program! 


Hugs and thank you!



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it doesn't sound like the book is translated yet but here's the program in spanish... maybe that will help? I speak zero spanish tho so I don't even know what this link says but in another thread on the subject, it was linked as the program, but in spanish.


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