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I am not sure I am ready for this.  I planned to start Monday, March 21 because I am off work for spring break and thought it would be a great time to detox.


I have been thinking about doing a Whole 30 since the beginning of the year and then a friend added me to a Whole 30 First Timers group on Facebook.  Honestly, it is the nsv that encourage me.  Of course I'd love to lose weight, but I have so many other issues I need to resolve.  After years of vomiting and several emergency bathroom visits a day, I was diagnosed with Celiac and have been gluten free for two years in June.  At the time, I was counting calories and working out consistently and had lost a good chunk of weight.  I was feeling good!  But my focus changed with the diagnosis and I fell back into my binge eating habits.  In the beginning I was also dairy, soy, and corn free and was feeling pretty good.  I started to reintroduce those items (except gluten) and the vomiting, loose stools, headaches, and acid reflux has returned.  I have psoriasis and arthritis, severe sleep apnea, bad veins in my legs, depression and anxiety that is becoming debilitating.  I suspect I also have Candida.  I am an emotional binge eater. 


My goals for the next 30 days (or how ever long it takes) are to learn how to make good choices when it comes to food and my health.  I started reading It Starts With Food and that is one of the first ideas - food either makes us healthy or unhealthy.  I want to feel better physically.  I want to be a role model for my precious girls (10 and 8 years old).  I want to fell better about myself.


I took my measurements today:

weight - 227.5

bust - 45

chest - 38

waist - 47

hips - 26

midway - 18.5

thighs - 13.5

knees - 18.5

calves - 13.5

ankles - 9

upper arm - 14

forearm - 11.5

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