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Finished and frustrated


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Perhaps not the typical "success" story, but I successfully finished and his is my experience. I'm very under whelmed by the results. 


I think the most frustrating thing is how grand the expectations are set at the beginning, and by all means, I'm very happy for people who see many improvements and hope the vast majority of people see such results, but I'm struggling to find reasons to maintain these eating patterns. 


I'm 40, 6'3, 220lbs, fairly athletic and don't think I ate that badly before, but wondered about cutting the grains out as I ate a lot of oatmeal and made my own whole wheat bread, so those were definite staples of my diet. Average 1 coffee a day, plenty of water and green tea. 


I cut out coffee completely, and certainly one benefit I've enjoyed has been more stable hunger levels and cutting out snacks. I still miss them emotionally, but this structure has helped to enforce that they aren't needed. 


Weeks 1-3 on the Whole30 were a mix of ok and just lousy. I had so many days with no energy and no motivation and my digestion was playing havoc, lots of bloating and gas. I read through the forums and learned about FODMAPs, so have been trying to manage those better, though still not sure what are the causes. 


The energy thing has been a massive frustration, it's probably one of the main reasons I did this, was to have higher and more consistent energy. As said, the first 3 weeks were very poor in this regard, finally in week 4 I feel like I leveled off with energy, but I certainly don't have more than before starting, just feels like a constant ok..  not bad, not good..   Not at all what I hoped for. After week 2, I stopped my regular workouts because my energy was so poor. 


I've read lots of posts too about people not eating enough, including not enough fat. I don't think this is an issue, I cook and make dressings with olive/ avocado/ coconut oil and lots of ghee. As often as we have them I'll eat whole avocados with a meal. Could be an issue, but I'm aware of it and trying to eat plenty.


Weight loss wasn't my main goal and I didn't lose weight. More body transformation would be a goal, and I feel like if I stuck to this for a few more months that would happen, but can't see much at this point. 


So overall, perhaps I had the wrong expectations going into it, and I fully realize every body is different and part of this is to learn your own body. I'm going to start the reintroduction process this week, but I don't even feel like I can trust whatever may happen as I this whole process has been inconsistent. 


One of the things that was most appealing when I read through the book was that overall this is suppose to be a simple system, no calorie counting, simple approach of eating large meals with enough protein, fat and lots of vegi's. Now it seems that I have to micro-manage it after all to identify the problematic FODMAPs, find a better energy source, etc...   and I'm just not feeling much motivation to do so. I still believe logically that this is a healthier way to eat, but emotionally believing so is not working out..  


Sorry to be a downer...  

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I'm sorry you had a poor experience. Maybe we can offer some suggestions to improve your experience. We would need to know explicit details of your meals, water consumption, sleep, and exercise for the past few days if you want some ideas.


Since you report no success and your issue is of a troubleshooting nature, I have moved your post to the appropriate venue.

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