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Easter Family Cook out


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My family will be having a cookout with hamburgers, hotdogs, cole slaw, baked beans, etc along with an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids on Saturday. I am planning on having a burger with my favorite veggies, avocado instead of mayo, and wrapped in lettuce. But I also want to prepare one or two compliant side dishes to have for myself and for my family so they will know I am eating good food on the Whole30. Does anyone have suggestions/recipes? Also, tactics for combatting the urge for dessert as I'm sure my family will have plenty of cake and pies around.

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My family always appreciates a big fresh fruit bowl as an alternative to sugary desserts. Filling up on the good stuff, and making sure there's plenty of template-appropriate stuff for you to eat is the best deterrent from dessert, IMHO. So, maybe even allow yourself to have two compliant burgers, for example, if you're hungry. Also, having an herbal tea or decaf coffee or glass of something or other might keep you occupied while others are eating pie.


Also, as praxis posted on another thread about Easter dinner:

"While they're not for Easter as such, Mel Joulwan has lots of great company/holiday dishes:

http://meljoulwan.co...giving-recipes/ (read carefully, some not Whole30 compliant)"


Try not to stress too much, and enjoy yourself!

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