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Need ideas for easy breakfasts & packable lunches.

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My husband works 6 am - 4:30 pm, 5 days a week, and that's only if he doesn't have to stay late (12-14 hr days are a possibility, and have happened, but are not the norm).


We share a single car, and though I don't work outside the home currently, I often have to run errands during the day, so I take him to work and pick him up. Fortunately, he's only 4 miles from home. Obviously, he will always be eating breakfast first thing in the morning. I usually eat after I get home from dropping him off, but it's still normally within the hour-of-waking.


I think his lunch break happens about 11/11:30, and they get half an hour. They get two more 15-minute breaks, but I don't know if they're both in the afternoon, or one in the morning and one in the afternoon.


He's hypoglycemic, and I know that the Whole 30 should balance that out over time, but I know the first couple of weeks are probably going to be really hard for him. 'Taking it easy' at work is not an option, he's in manufacturing.


I have read 'It Starts With Food', and I know that any snacks (and he will need snacks) are supposed to be in the same format as meals. Currently, all I can think of is hardboiled eggs, some nuts/olives (fortunately, we both already love olives!), and some sort of veggie/fruit.


Breakfasts obviously need to be something simple that can be premade and reheated - he is not awake enough to cook at 5 am when we have to get up, and I refuse to get up and cook a full meal that early. We already have to be up before the sun. Just no.


He's not super-attached to breakfast foods in general, but I'm not sure how many vegetables I'm going to be able to convince him to eat in the morning. Potatoes, yes. He'll do those. He's not too keen on eggs, but he's gonna be eating them because they're 'free' in the backyard from our own chickens.


But basically, I guess I'm just wanting to know how you all deal with picky eaters early in the morning, who don't have a lot of time to eat? Suggestions, tips?




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Hi Rebekah,


Have you taken a look around the forum? These topics have been discussed extensively.  You can google any of the following and get lots of forum results that should help.  If you put "forum.whole30.com:" in front of your search term, it will return forum results first. I've put the first one in the correct format below.


forum.whole30.com: easy breakfast

picky eater


road trip

brown bag

non-egg breakfast

make ahead breakfast

breakfast veggies


As to your comment about "he has to have snacks"....rather than insisting that he cannot change his ways, perhaps reframe it "He may need snacks at the beginning until he retrains his digestion/body/tastes" and then work towards not having snacks.  What we say, we believe and it becomes reality.  A small shift of language and you have opened up the potential for change.  If he is extremely active or has long spans between meals (more than 4-5 hours), he should be eating another full meal if not just a smaller version of a regular meal.  No one-off, hand-to-mouth snacks.

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Lady Shanny - Thanks for the search tips. I'm still trying to figure out how to best utilize the forums, because it's literally been a decade since I used one regularly for anything!


He's going to have a minimum of 5-6 hours between meals, but he only has ONE half-hour meal break on his shifts, and so I don't know what I *can* send him that he'll be able to eat in fifteen minutes for an additional meal. That's part of my conundrum.


LadyM - thank you for the link!

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15 min is plenty of time to eat. It may not be ideal but we have a lot of service workers and shift workers that manage. Ideally for the 15 min meal he eats it cold or room temp so he doesn't waste time with heating. The search topics above will help. Think picnic and brown bag.

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