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New to the Whole30 starting March 28th


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Hi everyone my name is Sean. Like many of you I have come to Whole30 after what seems like a lifetime of trying every diet on the planet. Recently after having turned 51, at my highest weight even though I've been dieting for the past 20 years, it seems like a catch every cold and I've suddenly developed kidney stones. I have decided that something has to change. When I tell people that I'm doing this program several people have said "oh my god that's so drastic!" And I agree, it is. But I think I need something this drastic to really start to make changes.

For one thing I have never prepared so much for a program like this. I bought the book about the cookbook and I read them last week cover to cover. I've read many of the forums. To be perfectly honest I'm a little nervous about about how much the sample seven-week meal plan is going to cost. But having read some of your concerns and the answers in the forms I think that I can modify the menu to be a little more cost-effective. It may not have as much variety but I think it's a good start.

I'm trying to convince a few friends to join with me because I think it will be easier to do it as a group. I've decided to blog each day of the 30 days. I've started to fill my cabinet with some of the basics and I'm starting to get rid of some of the things I shouldn't eat. So I think I'm set up to succeed.

Thank you all for your contributions here learning by your questions and buy your mistakes and the answers have really helped me to maybe avoid those pitfalls. So where do you not come Monday I'm starting I'm depending on you -- I'll let you know how It goes.

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