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Testing Recipes


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So I took a few Whole30 recipes for a test drive.

I made

Perfectly Seared Chicken Breasts

Ranch Dressing

And combined them into a perfect Protein Salad with spiralizer carrots and zucchini, cubed cucumber, halved green grapes

Which I served over some mixed greens.

Please correct me if I'm off. I think this is a Whole30 meal because it has the protein (chicken), fat from the olive oil and coconut cream in the ranch dressing, lots of veggies, and fruit --grapes

Am I on track?

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Our meal planning template (below) tells you how to compose a good meal with protein, fat, and veggies. It sounds like you are moving in the right direction.


Fruit is never required because veggies supply everything that fruit does with more nutrition and less sugar. 


Salads are often too light because you need to eat a bucket of salad greens to get adequate volumes of veggies. When the template says fill a plate with veggies, think of filling a plate with cooked veggies, not raw greens that chew down to green juice of little substance.


How much to eat
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