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Road blocks for the whole30


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I am currently on day 9 of my first whole30. So far I am feeling a lot different in a good one. I have noticed that I am having trouble falling asleep at night. It is taking almost an hour to an hour an a half of laying in bed before I fall asleep. Once asleep I sleep great! Any ideas on why I am having trouble falling asleep or if there is a way to troubleshoot it?


I also have woken up the past two days not with an upset stomach but my stomach feels queasy. Not enough to not want to eat breakfast, but enough to make me uncomfortable for most of the day. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this feeling?


Thank you all for your help. I look forward to reading suggestions and finishing this whole30 feeling great!

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How's your sleep hygiene? Check out these articles on improving sleep practices.





Do know though, that some digestive upset and sleep disruption is normal as your body adjusts.


If you would like more directed feedback, give us a couple of sample days of food, exercise, fluids, stress etc.  Be sure to include portion sizes, meal timing and any other relevant information (pregnant/nursing, autoimmune conditions, bowel disorders, excessively high stress etc).

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