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Hoping to heal with the Whole30

Heather Lynn

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I have a bad habit of rambling on...but I will try to keep this short and simple.


Food and I, we have a beautiful loving awful destructive relationship. It has been this way for many years. Food is my medication, in all the wrong ways. I have never had a healthy relationship with food...but boy, do I love it.


I am a medical professional, but over the years I have discovered that my beliefs in western medicine have changed. I have gone to more holistic natural living in almost all areas of my life (though my profession remains the same). I have cleaned up my eating a few times, only to cave to old ways and cravings.


In adulthood wound up morbidly obese, with severe high blood pressure, diabetes, and MS. I had weight loss surgery, and lost 100lbs. My diabetes was gone and blood pressure down. I removed toxins from my life as much as I could, and my MS went into remission. Over the years my weight has crept back up. I am now 40lbs overweight, and none of the old tricks make me lose weight. None of them. I am a sugar addict, to the extreme. I have yeast and inflammatory issues.


My blood pressure is back up and I am battling major depression. Emotionally, I am a wreck. I cannot seem to get things in order in my personal life. I take care of my kids, and that is all that matters these days. I need to get to a better place, and fully believe that the Whole30 will help me to do that. I used to be a gym rat, and now I can barely muster up the motivation to get dressed. Some days I don't even do that.


My husband has become a really angry person, and I am having him do this with me as I have heard it helps with that too. Plus, I think it is just better for all of us. I have a really picky son, so I will be searching for ways to make him adapt to this easier.


I appreciate any words of encouragement or relaying of successes in overcoming the things I struggle with.


I start my whole30 April 1.

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Big virtual hugs going out to you.  You can do this.


I came from a very similar place than you over 3.5 years ago.   So changes are possible.  You just have to be patient with the process - because it is indeed a process.  I found that initially I had zero expectations of the program when I went into it.  The program made so much sense to me - and that is why I gave it a chance.  Doing a Whole 30 was my last stitch effort to get healthy. 


The whole 30 is all about treating yourself kindly.  So between now and April 1 - treat yourself kindly and with patience.  Rather than focus on the things that you don't do - focus on the things you do, do.  Yay!  I got dressed today!  Great what else can I do?  Celebrate the small successes.  And don't sweat the small stuff. Because in the end - its all just stuff.

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The Whole 30 absolutely can revolutionize your relationship with food and with your body. Don't expect miraculous weight loss, but be open to even more profound changes you can't even dream of right now. You have your work cut out for you with an angry husband and picky eaters, but I think if you remember that primarily you're doing this to save your life, your motivation will be strong and you will feel like a huge success at the end of your 30 days--or beyond!


My recommendation is to read the books: It Starts with Food and The Whole 30. All the information you need is online, but I always return to the books when I need a restart. Follow the meal template. Stick to three meals a day. Take it one day at a time. You got this, girl!

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