Crashing in the afternoon?


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I am officially halfway done with my first Whole30, on day 15 and lately, in the afternoons after lunch, I get what feels like a sugar crash? I just all of a sudden have no energy and have to sit down or lay down until it passes. I just feel like my body is a brick and my mind becomes foggy like before, when you needed to drink a coke. Maybe a problem with blood sugar levels? 


I am eating regularly breakfast, a cup of coffee, lunch with plenty of fats/proteins/veg in all the right ways, so I don't see where this problem is coming from? 

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Could you give us a little more detail about your meals -- list a day or two of typical meals, including portion sizes, along with water intake, exercise, and sleep, and see if anything stands out.


In general, things that might cause this would be not eating enough in general, not eating the right mix of stuff (are you having a serving of starchy vegetables each day? are you eating too much fruit? are you adding fat to every meal, in addition to the fat you cook with that might stay in the pan?), or not salting your food. It could also be something not directly related to food -- if you're taking a medication, maybe the dosage needs to be changed, or maybe you're not getting enough sleep.

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