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New starter - 25 days in


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Hi , First of all I loved the book , it was written in a method so someone like me who doesnt understand the science-y stuff could understand.

Im an Aussie who was recommended the book from a U.S friend , as soon as I finished the book I started the process of changing my life.

Today is day 25 , I have lost 5cm off the waist and I am down 9.5kg. I am sleeping better and in general feel pretty good. I am not a fruit and veg lover ,hence why I am 30kg overweight but I can now say I do enjoy eating them ( not all though ).

I wont lie the 1st week was tough and a few times I went to the fridge to get the unhealthy options but always turned away. The headaches , the cravings and lack of energy in the 1st week tested me but I have since came out the other side. I dont even think about unhealthy foods anymore , I plan my meals , I pick good options if Im away from home.

Anyway , just popped in to say hi and introduce myself , Im 5 days away from completing 30 days but I am not stopping there , I will continue as this is easy to maintain , Im never hungry , the body isnt screaming for food.


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